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It is a breath take away to think that you live in a could northern city located somewhere in United States and you are expecting for a could week with a proven coming over blizzard.

hawaii resort

There is when people ask themselves " how could a blizzard affect driving conditions and temperatures below -10 under 0 degrees? And me living in this area of the world when in Miami South beach Cancun Mexico, Puntarenas Jaco Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica, Rio de Janeiro Ipanema, La Playa and Hawaii Maui island, Bahamas, San Juan Puerto Rico, etc, are having a great time outside laying=g down in at the sands and taking warm sunshine while drinking a Bahamas mama drink or a Pina Colada Tropical.

No problem, at least you will have these photos, or pictures of possible places you can consider visiting right after the bad weather conditions change.
Just start dreaming for now, prepare the trip, think what you must buy and where to get accessories like a camera, hiking mountains and climbing big tall rocks shoes boots, a tent if you are a group, first aid to use just in case and lots of cash dollars with a few master cards and visa cards to pay in an emergency while traveling.

Oh yes, these photos are just the introduction, after that people will understand the real meaning of being in this beautiful earth planet with clean beaches and rivers, safe places for visitation as a tourist, even if you are inside your own country.

Some romantic couples want to stay at Rome and Venetian Italy, many prefer Hawaii Honolulu, big island, others Alaska, Paris in France, Barcelona Madrid Catalugna Spain.

Trust these words, romantic sunsets at evenings just before night can be seen in Texas US, Grand Canyon and Nevada Las Vegas, they also are with lots of different tones like silver gold and light green in Puntarenas Guanacaste Costa Rica for a big party.

ipanema beach brazil rio de janeiro

The low white sands under blue waters and millions of small colorful fish kids can discover them at Bahamas Nassau Freeport.
The divers love to be at Belize near Guatemala because of the Belize coral reef species to enjoy watching.

You can't regret treating yourself and your loved family, the pets and friends with something like that.
A resort beachfront for party or a mountain hotel.

To be out of the home and home town once in our lives is always something different and it does impact for good our minds.
Travel is an unexplainable things with lots of different peoples perceptions

Travel in all senses fulfills the empty spots we all have when feeling without of freedom or not knowing what out there to go and discovery.
Probable that's why looking amazing photography of exotic and tropical places around the planet earth do have some sense as we want to be sure where to go.

Again, people go to Europe, particular to UK London, if they want to see castles and hear peoples talking in an English accent.
People travel to Egypt because they like to learn about older civilizations, and Pyramids of older Egyptian kings and gods. Learning Arabic language and sounds, Tasting their foot dishes at restaurants and resort kitchen.
What a great Travel Vacations will be if I could get out from the snow and be at meantime in this hot beach!
Reach soon an all inclusive hotel, great packages.

punta cana hawaiian islands

Young teens and young college students visit Miami South beach, Daytona Panama City because they like to party for a few days, drink like never before and do crazy stuff with their friends and then go back to the boring college classes again.
Although these days with economy difficulty and everything going up in price, lack of jobs etc, maybe it is better staying quiet at home and watch videos, see Images about Georgiou's places. Sorry, I just kidding.

Anyways, make the plan, stay with the program, first learn about locations and life styles, as it is so important before visiting.
If you ever are going to an exiting place for a week or more, Aruba, Saint Lucia, San Andres Colombia, Punta del Este in Uruguay Latin America, then make a big noise in Facebook and Twitter, interest and telling everyone about that.

rio de janeiro ipanema in brazil

We must give it a name, it is called with the name " Wish places to go some day".
It all involves finding a resort and making a reservation, getting the best deal and becoming very happy.