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Actress Natalie Portman Movies

Latest records described that actresses like Natalie with a high standard acting experience and such a physical beauty, have scaled the top of Hollywood opportunities to make the most ranking movies.
The films are her daily career.

V for Vendetta action movie 1

This time it wasn't the exception, no wonder she got for Best Actress for her performance in Black Swan( Oscar ), from the academy awards awards Oscars.
Solo V Mask man, Justice and Terror, Violent action movie.

Like many other films that for years have made it to top levels of public assistance, concerning terror and suspense creations from best directors, this one is a big-one and it stands till today in 2013 and on 2014.

The author describes the movie as "A super powerful story about loss of freedom and individuality, V For Vendetta takes place in a totalitarian country England and goes by following a devastating war that changed the shape face of the earth planet" and the personal wiki also posted the same story.

Because this website is about images and photo album, we just want to recall the importance of some photos to the page content, as the real thing is in the movie theaters and DVD for sale for people to watch and pass a suspense moments.

The starring: Natalie Portman, and Mr. Hugo Weaving Acting Actors.
Directed by: Mr. James Mcteigue

Runtime: 2 hours 13 minutes ( time people stay watching second by second)

Release year: it was created or made in year 2006
By Studio: Co. Warner Bros.
You put the name you want, but it is what it was meant to be.

Extreme action and warrior consequences.
The piece of seventh art is well made, it couldn't be much better than that.

Actor Hugo Weaving V

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With just a few minutes people can't move or take away their eyes and body from the sit in the place theater.
Why is that? well many viewers and Natalie's fans have said that the film is so entertaining that a second worst a million dollars and they can't miss it.

When these fans go to their jobs and home, they still have a dream or a nightmare whit the missing in action movie they just seen.

Probable it is not really made and recommended for little kids.
The man with the mask knows very well his job and he without any complain, executes his work around countries like this one in Europe.

The man wears a white porcelain object over his face, it doesn't mean he is faceless, instead, he doesn't want to be public and discovered ( the man V is a man without identity or an ID)

Always a beautiful woman have to be present, and trust it, the lesson will not have a valid final end without her.

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These names belong to the famous actors and actress list:
Natalie Portman Impersonates = Evey Hammond

actress natalie portman

Hugo Weaving (V)
Hugo Weaving equal to = V (A Mysterious Male Person )

Stephen Rea ( Eric Finch )
Stephen Rea as = Eric Finch

John Hurt (Adam Susan)
John Hurt equal to = Adam Susan

Famous actors Stephen Fry ( as Gordon Deitrich )

Stephen Fry equal to = Gordon Deitrich
It was just a a dream with an end in the big screen.

Actor Stephen Fry
This guy forgot to smile for real!
Actor John Hurt

This other one person knows how to smile but forgotten when to stop the joke.