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Latest friends connecting news online!.
The are millions of reason why the world decided to come out the closet and start allowing every body know their most intimate identities, their family and personal secrets.
The sing up and signing up processes are always painful and no body should feel that way. Bookmark it, the sing in page.

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They forgotten the fear about someone they don't know and didn't trust at all the knowledge about their Pharisaical address, the way they thing and quotes everyday about how they are feeling.
"I want to connect the world said mark Facebook Mckerberg," And he did, he started a business where the winners were the investors and himself, while the "peoples| lost their privacy, which means everything they had to make them feel secure in their world.

Well, we want to share with you the images and photos about this gorgeous website.
They have travel destinations, amazing places, really cute pets and accessories for them to wear, cute baby faces, because their mothers as soon they give to life a new born, bingo, they go right to upload those pictures, one after another.

The latest iPhone Apple, Ultrabooks, Cell Phone and every new tablet Samsung or Sony Panasonic you can image in your mind and brain.
The users of the mega American website, run to share and make their friends and public in general to feel jealous about what they just got as a gift from a family member, the boyfriend in the case of girls or just bought it in the corner near store mall.

Mark Mckerberg, did not know these things will happen to his small little network out of the college community where he and his girlfriend and friends were studying their college classes.

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His dreams where some day becoming like Yahoo Bing MSN or Big G search engines.

The images can talk by themselves, and we like to acknowledge this success online.
We also want everybody to know that everything is true, concerning to who is this company Facebook these days 2013 and going to 2014 / 2015 / 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 19 / 2020 and the business sites strictly living off it's web traffic flowing thru
History brings more surprises of what we all can expect, something like their own search engine and billions of dollars in advertisement, applications or app as "The application Wassup with that Wassup app that every body is talking about on the web" And yes, another million users per day!.
Now as today FB unveiled its Graph search tool for feature networks sharing mega millions in the results

There will be no secrets ever for you if you decided to use their free services respecting social and connecting ideas, opinions and photos with others.

People will become an apocalypses 6x6 figure, just like biblical writings.

Hold on some of your most precious things you don't want to give away, use e-mail, send by UPS mail or any other ways, be strong and hold on to it.
A Place Where Millions Will be Visiting in 2013 2014 2015.

Like children can't get away from the Game Player PlayStation or Nintendo Wii game consoles and from playing the action arcade games, who are getting beat up by the computer moves and programming.
New generations will become even more attach to electronics and will finished laying on the bed because they can't walk caused by their weight and lack of exercise.

 people, go out and dance, hike big stones and mountains, ride wild horses bulls breeding cows and fight with tigers lions at Africa.
So you have something interesting to share with friends and relatives. Make it special and never boring.
 allow the baby to smile, the baby boy is happy, picture him, the little girl starting to walk first steps? then make a video and upload it, be happy always sharing.


See, the world can be fun, if we just do things with respect, the likes and un-likes should be for real.
Downloads millions of funny images and uploading them again, that what the internet is about, make it funny and very entertaining fun. ( Left side: the new 2013 reusable gif card on the market )

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