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How do you save all your photos from Facebook, to my computer, to my phone Android, a kindle fire device, an iPad,

Hard drive cloud storage

(Image: Computer harddrive or a hard drive cloud storage). The backup computer harddrive reviews. The cloud storage vs the external hard drive, plugged in using an USB.
Or my Samsung galaxy 3 - Samsung galaxy s6 edge and Note, a photo album etc?

Normally anybody will consider this one one of a lifetime question that can upset millions worldwide as they are in danger of losing all their love images from their lifetime. ( The data from facebook is gone out of your hands).
We don't know for sure how many cases had happen to people who were thinking they had it all with the network Facebook and Facebook account
No, your photos can't be save living on the social network, as they can take everything away from you anytime.
All of that in a lifetime and more because users signed away their rights to their properties and .jpg, .gift, png and other formats are inside that agreement.

these are the steps to first download from your Facebook account, all those precious pictures you uploaded time ago during your possession of that Facebook account where you were or are just an administrator, never the owner as these items belonging to data from facebook that it is un-erasable.
1- Number one step:
The normal way, one image after the other till all of them are final down
To save a photo to your computer:

With the left side of the computer mouse, select the the photo.
Hover over the it and clicking get the Options.
Select Download.
Or on the main profile page, find on the left menu the option for downloading all data and follow directions till all is done.
Again, "How do I download all pictures off my Facebook onto my computer?" is really a strong and important question with a valid server approval.
Your data could be theirs for a lifetime already

And people want to continue working on their old albums by upgrading them as a book acquired when they were students in high school or college students too. Something like a school style albums or so

To be honest, follow this address and then the main option to download all photos at once will be there waiting for you once log in is pass
The option is located at Account Settings --->> The main page, and it is called like this address Menu right side: Configuration -->> download all your information --> select " create a file" containing all your profile information

2- Steep 2:
What are you going to do with all years of files down in your hard drive local computer machine? It might be full and maybe it could crash or get a bad pc virus or else
A: Burn it into DVD's or CD, Keep it on the hardrive with a folder name or follow the third place steps

3- Steep 3:
Choose to hire a storage web hosting company to host those files on their server for you and by the way, people can also build a website for free on those servers spaces, just to make business or sites personal administration
What really is great on the internet, it is that there are opportunities for free services, and this is a big-one, Google Drive will give people a space with 15 Gig of drive space and hold hosting those files with a safe password and account.
Of course, an e-mail is necessary to login and logout
Lets say that Google Drive gets full because of videos, documents and music files. Then pay a little for increase space or just make another email and another profiles to get another 15 Gigs.
It is simple and fun to upload everything and clear the PC hardrive.

if anybody we all know, is responsible for destroying data on social networks are the users who never pay attention and never careful of what they type say on the social website, images that can cause controversy shouldn't ever be upload in the first place.<br />
But if someone has done something like that, then make sure it stays private and never share or gets tagged. Remember, bad news fly like the wind and in a second all world will know about the bad news.