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Working Hard For Caribbean Vacations

What is that about going away for a break? Who said you could take off for San Juan Puerto Rico " La isla del encanto" or Montego Bay in Jamaica Island?

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People really earn their way to relax and having best breaks concerning about pleasures of travel. The bad credit begins with an easy credit card offer to apply and approval from a business bank identity, the Application or the bank applications by hundreds and thousands approved.

They say: Guaranteed! The application is approved today, fast and no questions asked ever!

The question is how much it costs? The make the math, pay the car monthly payment to the bank, the car insurance, the home mortgage or house rental, some case apartment rental, buying food for the entire month, replacing the clothing, maintaining the pet cat and dogs, paying kids school tuition, or teens college and high school books, buying medical and treatment with medications, the math about paying 10% to the church, normal month utilities like water, internet connection, electrical etc.

Really, you earned Vacations, can you afford having a top credit card like American Express or Visa payment for those treats you had?.

When you spent $500.00 Dollars, you must pay $1200 with interest at the rate of 6.5% in 2 years, when you spent $5,000 UDS Dollars, then pay 12,000 in three years at the rate of 8% and if it goes 15% or 20% because being late payments and lost your job, then it becomes difficult to stand anymore
You just got to move forward and stop thinking about only the easy part of your life when momets on the minds dictates that the bank must cover all our duties as far of finacial's life

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Ignore you having a lot of money in a savings account, ignore putting your greedy dirty hands on the wife's dad's inheritance and going to spend it in Las Vegas Nevada, Riverboats of Metropolis Illinois and of Evansville Indiana, Bangkok in Asia, St Louis Gateway Arch Riverboat in Saint Louis Missouri, Business Bank located in New York City New York, Memphis Tennessee, Cincinnati Ohio, Etc.

Make your own career and count with what you earn every month, try to spend only 80% eighty per cent and save twenty as a minimum monthly.

There isn't anything more important than to provide you and your family shelter, clothing to dress yourselves food, and healthcare to families.

Good news, you don't have to hide anymore, just don't answer the phone calls on your house telephone or the cell phone anymore and you will be save from bill collectors in your country United States New York, California, Florida, Illinois, North South Carolina, Dakota, Mississippi, Washington, Ohio, Missouri, Oklahoma Texas, New Jersey and many more. This if you can't or don't want to pay your debt.

Go ahead, live the hell alive, bad or without credit you can't, won't buy anything good , unless having real cash in your pockets, plus lose your bank accounts because they will collect your money right from there, the paycheck is gone all times.

Some states the bad creditiacial results and records lasts 10 years and only with lucky people will not get sue, Because they tell you like this " I'll sue you for every penny you've got".
in some other states, the statue of limitations " the statute of limitations for a misdemeanor is generally seven years and during that time your life is hell". "a Card Offer" What an irony.

Apply For A Credit Card Loan, Big Money

Get approved, easy loans, for home improvement, travel trips, buy a new vehicle, pay your son or daughter college education, get married, buy a diamond and gold rings

The Credit Quotes

Rich quotes and tips for success:
Only the smart and wise get ahead in life, people's lives are a constantly competition of who knows more than the other and apply their knowledge on each life steps. A world of actions and knowledge's facts.

My key points opinions about people who didn't learn the credit basics at school when they were teenagers pre-teenager or even kids, is that we should feel sorry and never allow them to have one of these for them to go crazy and spending money.

Kids with 8, 9 10 11 12 13 and up years of age are already aware of how to spend money at their local stores and the mall in our cities.

Parents who have never taken their valuable time to teach their children how to manage money, investments and teaching them ways to save at their private bank account, an acc for savings, should now feel very sorry when they look up at their families drowning deep in debts ... losing their cars, homes and family members.

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We all know that a country composed by UN-educated citizens will eventfully collapse and the local economy will affect the country neighbors away far as the other continents and lands.

The economy inflated will sooner or later will shut down and interest rates will shoot up making impossible to slow down and that it take many decades to put it under control for better economic grow and increase. (Right photo: is the Platinum Credit Union)

The majority of Americans only know how to go out and buy things, pay with their credit card and then losing their job will cause they to stop paying their monthly payments, getting the car interest rates up and letting their lives go the drain with a bankruptcy chapter 13 / bankruptcy chapter 11 application at their near court, with fees of two thousand dollars and up for the lawyer cost of hire.
(Left image is the British airways card microchip)

british airways card microchip

Several years ago, I found a woman who had thirteen credit cards on her own, they all were inside the frozen freezer part of her refrigerator located in the house kitchen, of course. Then after two months of me without a job and living with her as my personal girlfriend, i asked her... When are we going to UN-freeze those babies and you allow me to use at least one?

She, kindly replied to me... Look, your love and relationship for a million years is nothing in compare of how hard it is to have them on the ice.

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However, when you get a job and pay for your bills, home rental or buy a home, your own paid car for your personal transportation back and forward to your work place, and bring home the bacon for me and our future kids, then you can have just one card.. OK.

Barbados Island Destinations to Visit For a Week or Two Weeks

A Trip Just Around the Corner is a Very Good Thing that can Happen to You This 2013 October, November December and January 2014/2015/2016/2017/2018/19.

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