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Brazil's Carnival Photos

Its A Surprise, Different Car Creations With People Dancing On The Streets And Warm Tropical Exotic Music, Public Celebration or Parade

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It Is The Brazilian Carnival.

In brazil the people love to be part of their celebrations and the world joins as a tourism source of income year after year.

The reasons why a huge country like the Portuguese's daughter Amazons and Brazilian beaches is because they are so happy and warm that they love to share all they have to offer, inclusive their slim women.

The history goes far away to the Spaniards and the colonization of the Americas. right after Spain send their men to these lands on 1512 year or so. The Portuguese signed a pact with the Spain's kingdom of not to try taking over the Americas and instead going way south to the deep forest and ocean white sands beaches.
At that time, rich men and women European had their slaves from Africa and they brought them over to their colonies.
As a result, the newer generations dance like Africans and celebrate all mixed with Europeans as "Mulatus People".
The newer Brazilian citizens grew up with a life style very unique, even their worldwide parties are mixed and they love it.

That's why, people who visit this south American country will find blond women with white skin at the top cities and mountains, just like German Sweden and Holland and at the lower lands with more heat weather, the darken skin mixed men and women.

"Brasil " is how they call their country and also that's the way they write the name. Again, this country was the most visited by the second war German running away citizens, as a matter of fact, many of them were taken to Israel for trials and condoned to die, as some others hide and died inside the deep Amazon forest.

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Big colorful decorations surrounding women faces and the men also carries their own fantastic costumes.

That can make a huge impact on the public assistance and they concentrate on looking these interactions from minutes away of one cart to another.
A while ago in channel history, they were talking about the big organization and big business gaming behind these carts and their small participants.
Appearances, it is a way for dirty business and money corruption. However, the government is entirely responsible and they have more to loose, they control how the process goes.
Famous Worldwide Parties Never Miss.

Fill The Street With Dancers

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Young women dance all along the road and millions are present to watch at the show.

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For Italians English German Portugal's Men and US citizens all ages to spend two or three thousand on a trip to the biggest event on the planet where people drink and eat, satisfy their animal instants, it is nothing.

The carnival event has the whole ingredients these peoples are looking for.

Some Italians and Americans have confessed they worked the whole year and saving their money to go and spend it at the party.

Additional, ten or more million humans walking down the streets is major conflict as far of bathrooms and places to stay during the parties.
Police take their guest also because they were doing their things in the streets, over car tires, walls and so on.
The results are very notable, billions of dollars are the profits for local markets and the local government can afford to keep an eye on the processes and the dancing on the streets people visiting ad locals

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Please, be advise that this is a website practically new, and we have a small amount of resources, so the amount of pics is also a little bit short, just to deliver the message or reviews as you can call it.
Compare the amount of visitors with Sydney Mardi Gras 2013 and participants of Mardi Gras in New Orleans is a plus, as they never can be compared as far we know