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Fantastic Game 49ers, VS Baltimore Ravens Win Super Bowl

Baltimore Ravens Win Super Bowl 47 Over San Francisco.

beyonce sings the US anthem

Thank You can refer to sports websites online as there are many of them available talking about pass Sunday big time game in New Orleans, which has the brand name "Super Bowl XLVII " The team of players Ravens vs. the famous 49ers with best highlights and details.

Look, in this section we want to recall the fantastic job made by beautiful woman singer Beyonce, who first sings the US National Anthem USA and then at half time, she and her female team of dancers and singers open up the main big music show
And trust me, she was further than a fantastic performer, she kept millions worldwide paying attention to her dancing performance and beautiful voice, plus the lights for more than half of an hour.

An incredible experience we all got from her, her best ever.

Yes, the electrical went black out or blackout as everybody call those moments where lights turn off. The black out happened accidentally or automatically. Nobody ever will know it! but, who cares because big majority were at the place stadium to watch sexy and hot Beyonce, and her show was over by the time of the blackout

The set of pictures we got are from sources who eventually were inside the location at New Orleans stadium, by the way, remember last hurricane Katrina pass and the Odyssey that obligated thousands to live inside this stadium.
Well, for locals and the country United States, this was a great opportunity to show it up to the world and see how different it looks after such a wear out. ( the song that made people cry, " The National Anthem US ".

Beyonce Super Bowl

She sings the US National Anthem at her press conference.

New Orleans is a place where millions arrive for vacations and to be part of the local carnivals and party, it has a huge selection of food restaurants and shopping centers, fun places to visit and have fun day and night

Millions also were present the week of the 2013 February the Super Bowl 47.
 Many of these visitors were median and business men and women, travelers who already were at the place enjoying their vacations.
So, further more, like I said, please excuse the lack of payers photos, but this information and reviews relay on the star singer only
The site meaning for images about important people and places, not really sports, but sometimes they cross over and there is a little confusion, sorry
In a show worldwide with bases in United States, which it is normally because this country has about 50 states the size of a group of nations together and they celebrate events to reach the entire world.

A singer like our female singer Beyonce photos, new that it was a huge opportunity to publicize herself just like Madonna did before
Her happiness could be seen in her eyes and smile, plus her group of beautiful girls were also really great

Some people were saying next day at Twitter and Facebook, the online media websites, that she caused the electrical failure, but, how could her power usage do that, if she had installed her own power supply for the whole music show, so she replied never it could happen.

fire lights

Following the game development, the all the event was a success with the very nice new commercials and the elderly actors on some of these new commercials, who actually won their big acting price and got to show in the channel news CNN TV news.
Were the elderly commented "we do our thing still sometimes". Just like young actresses and actors do.
Beyonce had on a black dress nice set, an open blouse or jacket, long gloves, a short bikini and high heels boots up her knee. Enjoy: Beyonce photos at the Super Bowl

The entire musical girls group were dressed that color of clothing.

fire female image standing

fire female image standing">
Please watch the images to figure it out better. ( right side " fire female image standing "

the kiss

Beyonce photos of a kiss that lasts for ever, kiss to the public watching her singing ( left image)
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Some times there are not enough words to describe something we seen or heard, but in this particular case, all is clear far enough to have a direct opinion on this review.
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 Will we go to another major event anywhere in the world, sure, why not?
Another good one was Shakira, who already had a new born baby with soccer Spanish player Gerard Pique, this new baby's name is Milan and is a boy. Shakira, continuing with the story, she was at the South Africa world Cup, and next 2014 is not quite clear jet.
And who also knows when will be next time where people will drink beers and eat lots of hot chicken winds for football.

legs up during show

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