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Amanda Seyfried White Dress40 viewsAmanda Seyfried with a dress very nice, her style is relevant to her sling and the color white cream makes her looks very good. Amanda Michelle Seyfried is an American actress, a great singer.
Born: December 3, 1985 (age 27), Allentown
Body Measurements: Height: 5' 3" (1.61 m)

Movies are, the list:
Les Misérables 2012, In Time 2011, Red Riding Hood 2011, Chloe 2009

Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) 2008 Mamma Mia!
Gimmie! Gimmie! Gimmie! 2008 Mamma Mia! The
I Have a Dream 2008 Mamma Mia!
Fashion Long Dress Purple Anna Kendrick37 viewsAnna Kendrick shows up dress with this beautiful purple dress to the awards.
She was Born: August 9, 1985 (age 27), Portland USA
Her measurements are: Height: 5' 0" (1.52 m)
With the acting on the movie Natalie Keener in Up in the Air, she earned an award called BAFTA, Golden Globe.
The movies list:
Pitch Perfect in 2012, Twilight 2008, End of Watch 2012, Up in the Air 2009
Carey Mulligan Black Dress34 viewsCarey Mulligan Born: May 28, 1985 (age 27), Westminster
Measurements: Height: 5' 7" (1.70 m)
Movie list: Drive 2011, Shame 2011, An Education 2009, The Great Gatsby 2013.
Her fashion dress is a black and long piece.
Dakota Fanning Black Dress37 viewsHannah Dakota Fanning real name.
Born: February 23, 1994 (age 18), Conyers
Measurements: Height: 5' 4" (1.63 m)
Movies and TV shows:
New Moon 2009, The Runaways 2010, The Twilight Saga: 2012, The Twilight Saga: 2011
Emma Roberts Dress Clothing36 viewsIf Emma Roberts Dress Clothing is always black then she should make the movie spider.
Success for an American actress, model and singer.
This woman is beautiful and smart busy, business lady.
By now 2013: Born: February 10, 1991 (age 22), Rhinebeck
Body Sizes are: Height: 5' 3" (1.60 m)
Island in the Sun, Dummy, If I Had My Way, This Is Me, We Are Gonna Happen, Mexican Wrestler, Say Goodbye to Jr. High, Total of 94 Weeks ( Metal Mouth Freak )
Punch Rocker, New Shoes, I Have Arrived, Movies and TV
Jennifer Lopez Gramys a black dress59 viewsJennifer Lopes wearing on the 2013 Gramys a black dress, she shows her leg all the way to the top, something like Angelina Jolie some years ago.
A fashion style, maybe, she is more famous, but old already, somehow.
Lynn Muñiz (née Lopez; born July 24, 1969) ( Origen Puerto Rican).
Born: July 24, 1969 (age 43), New York City
Body sizes are: Height: 5' 5" (1.64 m)
On the Floor song, Dance Again
Jennifer Lopez Green Dress 89 viewsIn 1004 Jennifer Lopez was wearing this chest open style green dress and everyone worldwide went crazy for her new style. Girls around the globe wanted to buy one for them.
Today things are a little bit different, because the actresses prefer to wear the dress with the open left or right legs, as Angelina Jolie about that, she knows better.
This is a beautiful dress that never went away and till today people are asking to watch it on her body.
Measurements of body: Born: July 24, 1969 (age 43), New York
Selena Gomez Styles41 viewsThe Selena Dress Up Styles.
2013, February: Selena Gomez & 'Spring Breakers' Co-Stars Take Sexy Pics In Paris.
Born: July 22, 1992 (age 20), Grand Prairie
Body sizes are: Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m)
MLove You Like a Love Song 2011 When the Sun Goes Down
Who Says 2011 Who Says
Tell Me Something I Don't Know 2008 Another Cinderella Story
Naturally 2009 Kiss & Tell
Un Año Sin Lluvia 2010 Un Año Sin Lluvia
A Year Without Rain 2010 A Year Without Rain
Fly to Your Heart 2008 Disney Fairies: Tinkerbell
Hit the Lights 2
Selena Gomez in Bikini Light Blue65 viewsPhotos of Selena Gomez wearing a sexy bikini light blue color, and no, she doesn't look like pregnant jet.
Even if people are thinking in Justin Bieber together with Selena Gomez.
While their fans are taking sides after Letterman 2013.
The actress is one of the most followed by fans in tweeter, people are looking how to reach her words and news from the couple.
Speculation about Justin Bieber (music singer success Youtube 2011 - 2012) Crying because of Selena trying to breakup with him.
Taylor Swift 2013 Academy of Country Music Awards Red Carpet57 viewsTaylor Swift 2013 Academy of Country Music Awards Red Carpet
Embellished dresses On Style.
This unique dress she wore for this special date.
An American singer every knows already and millions enjoy her country music songs.
By now Taylor Swift has 23 years of age and she looks like a gorgeous women.
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