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Mama Mia Italia Sunsets48 viewsYes, this one came from Italy, way south islands and near Greece on the Mediterranean Sea.
It contains soft light blue and white from clouds, plus the sun that sits over-there like saying, I won't go anywhere no more.
It has a delicious taste for those who know to appreciate great images and combinations of natural colors. Great photography, good job.
Africa Sunsets42 viewsMaybe in Africa "Kenya" "South Africa" "Tanzania". Somewhere over there this sunset was taken with a powerful canon image camera, latest models.
Just like you were expecting it, the trees and the sun on a picture that you will keep for years into your mind. Think about it and comfort your city stress.
Gold Line Sun Set42 viewsIt is like telling us where to go for a positive future. You follow the sunset line and arrive to heavens.
Just sit at the beach or near to it and enjoy the light turning off slowly with incredible golden colors and tones.
Rocks Sun Sets40 viewsThis one is a nice beach with rocks and the ocean with something so beautiful called evening sun set.
What a perfect moment to tell someone you love that you feel love for them.
Very romantic rocks.
Red Fire Sunsets41 viewsAs you will run into silver sunsets like those people find in Monteverde in Costa Rica, up the tall mountains, this one happens to be somewhere near orient and it contains energy on the red fire, the gold and silver to combine the style some people want to watch.
The Light Blue Sun Set45 viewsMay I say that this one is very unique because it represents the dedication of the light to provide the final sunsets results a mystic religious tone. It is like praying for a better future and getting a strait heavens answer. Nice light blur tones
The Powerful Light41 viewsThis one describes a hope with an entire powerful force, nature's power that just keeps going in our minds after we stay to look at it a few moments.
An evening sunset taken by someone that happens to be on vacations at a very famous beach an hotel
Gold Sunset Ocean37 viewsThe kind of beautiful sunsets goes by tones and positions, the day hour etc.
It also includes the very moment when the light is just enough for you to take the perfect shot with your picture camera.
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