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4th Of July Pug Dogs in A Pugs Party64 views4th Of July Pug Dogs in A Pugs Party.
These small story is happening every independence's day in US.
Enjoy looking the photo.
Baby is A Female Dog44 viewsThe dog Baby is my friend's personal friend dog too. He has many pets, but he prefers this one.
He loves her and cares a lot. Ale is my American old man friend that I met in Costa Rica.
What this means is that hist female dog is from that country and not from the US.
Appreciate some comments about his pet.
Pictures Of Funny Dogs Breeds And Cute Pets48 viewsPictures Of Funny Dogs Pets.
Different Images for dog breeds. Best cute pets.
What kind of animal do you like at home?
A Small Dog Over The Sink Looking Outside55 views A Small Dog Over The Sink Looking Outside.
Some pets just want to keep an eye on what is happening outside and wait for their pet owner to remember taking them out for a walk. meantime staying sitting on top of the kitchen sink is one option.
An English Bulldog, He Was My Neighbor's Pet Dog48 viewsAn English Bulldog, He Was My Neighbor's Pet Dog.
He still was a puppy when bad bats attacked him and place a dangerous bacteria on his back skin.
Sadly my my neighbor spent lots of his money acquiring veterinarian doctors services, medications and treatments, but nothing worked and the dog was gone at the age of 5 years. Some times I hear the boy calling his pet and I feel like crying.
I don have complain about the pet ever, as he was very friendly, specially when he eat his preferred Dobson dog food.
Oops I Did it Again Said The Dog103 viewsOops I Did it Again Said The Dog.
As you can observe, the animal dog is a fun pet to have at home, if you don't care about loosing your expensive furniture, the living room couches. Another words, the sofa chair to be more specific and clear about this events.
Some pets owner just run to find the photo digital camera canon Panasonic Sony or Toshiba brands electronics and shot the instant with a great picture to later share it online at MysOnW or Books Of Like Websites.
This sofa furniture is no good.
New Dogs To Apply Pets Owners Needs48 viewsIf you have kids and your family can afford to buy pets food, going to the doctor veterinarian and care about a small pet dog, then get one of these for your home. Provide them with love and care.
Dogs have been proven to give love and making families happy. Buy good pet food to feed them well.
Lots Of Dogs Pets44 viewsThese are just some of the many kinds of breeds, concerning small and medium size dogs.
White, brown black etc. Probable you know more than me, so tell us what are these guys and where they usually grow,
The Mama Dog43 viewsThis pet female dog made it good to feed this small kitty cat.
So, she earned my respect for becoming a very good loving mama.
That's Richie and she is not longer in this world, as someone killed her. I know, that was very sad.
Sorry, that's the truth.
Hey, but the cat still lives and she is very happy, the only thing is that the cat never does like a cat, instead she makes sounds like a dog.
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