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The Armadillo57 viewsAn Armadillo is a kind of prehistoric creature that lives on the land of America, many countries as far the information available. The truth is that the cover of these animals is made by creation with purposes of protection and shield twist from hunters on the forest. The Armadillo is a kind herb eater and it is very common dirt digger with their strong arms legs and nails to escape by dinging deep holes faster than the eye site. Just run and hide, they don't climb trees or swim on river and ocean water
The Lion King Is Ashamed Of Himself36 viewsFeel very shame faced you big king Lion over-there in Africa.
No. really, maybe the wild animal is trying to sleep and the sunshine is on his face, cats do this about covering their faces while trying to break and sleep at noon or in the afternoon.
This is a strong 500 hundred pounds big animal and he requires a lot of rest to recover the job of survival and hunting for deers and other food alive.
Baby Elephant Family, Mama and Babies40 viewsBaby Elephant Family, Mama and Babies.
Sometimes it is just unique to have one of it's kind encounters with the three elephants, two baby and one big mama elephant in Africa.

Small baby elephant always want to walk and eat beside his and her mom.
This is a real family, only they are missing daddy, he could be somewhere also eating.
The Small Kitty is Climbing Trees, Smart Cat36 viewsThe Small Kitty is Climbing Trees, Smart Cat.
Great, now you have to call the firemen to help putting him or her down.
The Lion Family, A Cat With Powers65 viewsThe Lion's Family, A Cat With Powers

Everybody heard time after time about Africa and it's animals, the felines that survive hunting Deer and Rabbits, Giraffes, Elephants etc.
Well, they have babies and they get together as a family to take care all.
Their love for their own is a strong power.
The Orangutan Lives in Indonesia and Malaysia Islands74 viewsThe Orangutan Lives in Indonesia and Malaysia Islands

These type of Hominidae species eat all day on top of tress together on groups of three, four, and ten members, inclusive female and babies.
The Scientific name classification is: " Pongo"
Mass: 45.4 kg (Adult, Female).
Lower classifications: Bornean orangutan, Sumatran orangutan

Family of man and gorilla, the Orangutan conservation at the rainforest preservation is made for purposes of education and preserve the wildlife.
Cute but lovely and kind to
South American Red Macaw Bird59 viewsSouth American Red Macaw Bird.
Sure, these birds are smart and they can stay away from civilization of humans. But, people love to watch them on top of the trees and take pictures, make videos with their beautiful feathers and colors.
A bird like this one is hard to catch on the camera and when that happens, it is better to share them with friends and family.
Macaws are a gift from God to our forest and landscapes, a gift to all of us for enjoyment. ( Tropics habitat Brazil and Costa Rica)
The Camel Will Visit The Dentist66 viewsThe Camel Will Visit The Dentist.

I was kidding, this camel is telling something to the people who are surrounding it.

The Bactrian Camel from inhabits Central Asia, & Arabia. Middle Est Land and dessert.
this animal is used for transportation across the arid sands of the desert and countries that for centuries have use them for traveling. The name is from the language Latin and it's pronunciation "camelus and kamēlos". El Camello in Spanish (Trabajo).
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