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Kansas City Haunting, Scariest Spirit Of Donaldson H12 viewsKansas City Haunting, Scariest Spirit Of Donaldson H
Kansas City Hauntings, Donaldson H
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Lewin W. Donaldson owned this fine home from 1939 until 1967. Their none friendly grumpy spirits still appear to be owning the place now!
found on Oak St. just a block north of the main campus Art Institute. A nearly 125 years old property.
The problem is that many citizens are saying in their comments that something horrible happened in the past at this house. Probably all bedrooms are haunted
Pop Singer Lady Gaga ZOMBIE Music45 viewsThe Pop Singer Lady Gaga ZOMBIE.
This woman is just like that, a weird creature when she is acting in her videos. A famous songwriter, record producer, activist, businesswoman, fashion designer and videos, movie actress.
She likes to be called rare.
A zombie will be nothing when we talk about lady gaga The New York Singer ( Music And Piano Player, She Makes Songs And Creates Art, Born This Way Ball - Born This Way - The Fame).
A Haunted House Victorian Style in Ohio, Home For The Horrible Ghost14 viewsA Haunted House Victorian Style in Ohio, Home For The Horrible Ghost Stories.
People might never get to see what i seen the night that i was visiting it alone and taking photos of it.
The reason i say that is because several factors count to ghost before they show-up to visitors in a very old home like this. At daytime the only thing people looks is the majestic form of the construction and think, it is that from this century or last century, and how old it could be. A question can be, who lived in there?
The Weird This Of Supernatural44 viewsMore images of the team on TV.
Placing lots of photos for the things people care, the weird things the most.
Supernatural TV Activity Trailer40 viewsA photo of the team Supernatural activity and the trailer.
You may know more about these guys. Contribute to post and uploading new images for this section.
The Super Natural Group Of Actors and Faces50 viewsThe Super Natural Group Of Actors and Faces,
Probable you already new them.
They are famous star now.
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