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The Great Snake Albino Mamba, Wird Wild Snakes117 viewsThe Great Snake Albino Mamba, Weird Wild Snakes.
Again, Nature Provides These Kind Of Snakes With Red Inside Their Mouth, Pink Around Their Body and Poison To Kill in 5 Minutes Their Victims.
People Don't Want To find One Of This When They Are Walking Inside The Rain Forest, The Desert or Their Own Farm Near Their Homes.
Wild Snake Can be Very pretty But Caution because They Are Very fast When Are Upset and Bite In A Blank Of An Eye.
Bird Struthio Camelus Avestrus Ostrich39 viewsBird Struthio Camelus Avestrus. known in Spanish language as Avestruz African bird Ostrich
Anybody can walk near these birds and enjoy watching them because the place where they are is located by the main street. Behind a fence and secured just in case.

Locals in the Latin countries grow these animals because they eat their eggs (equal 13 chicken eggs per unit), and the skin is great for making shoes, purses, belts and the meat for Delicious dishes. And no, they aren't pets because with their feet nails
An Indian Bull Frog, Exotic Reptile Creature With Blue Bubbles41 viewsAn Indian Bull Frog, Very Nice Colorful Animal. Frogs are always interesting reptiles to listen and watch.
The males do spectacular shows to attract females and match in a love relationship to reproduce babies frogs just like dad and mom.
Excellent blue in those neck bubbles. Plus what a combination of yellow body with the bubble for making unique exotic froggie went a courtin sounds. It is an animal from India, an Indian reptile creature
Baby Lion and Ocelot Two Best Little Friends38 viewsBaby Lion and Ocelot Two Best Little Friends.
That's very rare To Have, Great Show To Enjoy. The Lion is A Baby With White Hair and The Ocelot Actually Looks More As A Wild Cat With Black Strips in The Body.

People can't see these two together in real wild life, as they fight and the lion always win the battle.
Most of all, they are unique pets and very cute things to have at home as pets.

Participate with your opinions, tell everyone what you are thinking about this story of wild pets exotic animals
Chic and Cat, Chicken Cats Friends37 viewsChic and Cat, Chicken Cats Friends.
I Have Being Trying To figure It Out For A Bit Already What will Happen if The Cat Gets Hungry And The Chic Wants To Play.
Look Felines are animals that go by smells and instincts, they play with their food before dinner or satisfying their natural wild instincts.
Don't think that chickens are cute all their way to become an adult, because it just doesn't happen this way. Chics change quickly and stop playing, cats kitty always be a kitty cat.
The Powerful Cougar Face, None A Game With Cougars36 viewsThe Powerful Cougar Face.
The Brown Color Of Brown Sits Perfectly in This Wild Powerful Wild Cat.
The American Cougar With White Moustache, Brown Nose And Blue Color Of Eyes. The Deep Look. The Big & Small Cougars Always Bihind The Pray, Ready to Jump, Just Like The American Football Players
Fish Blood Sucker, Humans Diver Fantastic Vampire Discovery36 viewsFish Blood Sucker, Humans Diver Fantastic Discovery. Fantastic Vampire Discovery.
How to get away from this rare creature before you get to become his dinner?
Please, don't think that only the fish is what they look for overtime they are hungry for sucking red blood inside the dark waters of rivers and ocean.

This unique, I mean rare is am infinite hose that always will be empty and hungry.
They eat twenty times a day and 10 at night.
The Latest Mandrill Monkey Fun Facts36 viewsThe Latest Mandrill Monkey Fun Facts.
The Photo Shows A Mandrill, Animals From Africa. And They Are Very Bright Red, Blue Facial Markings.
It is how identity concerns on the well know male Mandrills.
How ever, what a surprise, this one is just brown, Why?
Maybe from a different part. maybe from Asia, Japan and the place where they live is could rather than tropical like the African continent animals where the full color monkeys appear to reproduce all year.
Cute Puppies, Small White And Black Dogs35 viewsThe Cute Puppies, Small White And Dark Brown " Coffee Dog " Dogs.
Girls Love These Outrageous Fun Pets As They Are Playful and Full Of Energy.
Always Running and Playing. Big Friends Of The Man and The Woman.
I Guess guys also look to find pet doggies or known as puppies to keep them as company and to Attract their females.
Ladies say, he likes animals and takes care of them, mom.
That's a point in the relationship for love and romance, to have pets.
Rare Axolotl Animal27 viewsRare Axolotl Animal.
It Lives Inside Waters At The Ocean. Colors White And Pink To Remind Peace and War Or Dangerous To Predators Approaching It.
Or It Is Just A Stupid Cute and Weird Fish With Some Kind Of Camouflage Pants And Jacket On.
What is your personal opinion about this strange fish animal, it is ok to be like this?
Tortoises, A Couple Together, Probable The Family49 viewsTortoises, A Couple Together, Probable The Family.
Assuming that turtles are tortoises or so, these are very exotic and they live in the ocean waters and never at land dirt.

The color of green is synonymous of ocean creatures. The turtle doesn't complain, neither he or she makes any heavy noises or anything near to be running or playing.
they slow motion animals and when they are inside the waves swimming is when they pickup speed and go faster.
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