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Acanthoscurria Genicul Latin Name In Cience31 viewsThe Tarantula Acanthoscurria Genicul can also be out to be watch on Branches and on the floors.
Remember, you don't have to like it. They are great hunters with process of trapping and placing poison to their victims on their big or small bodies, depends if they get trapped in the spider nets.
Batman Spiders31 viewsBatman Spiders are the name given by me. This is because I thought it looks like the vampire super hero man, this is a trick natures play on their little world of insects. Insects like other small and large animals dress with camouflage to confuse their victims and hunt them or win a battle.
A Black Spider29 viewsA Black Spider is what not many want to deal with, even some men and women try to stay away from these kind of insects because they think that it bites and has poison to kill.
Guest what, yes these tarantulas are not friendly and they can byte.
Brazilian Spider, Rain Forest30 viewsFind Cute And Wild Brazilian Spider, The Tropical Tress & Plants Have These Insects Living Inside The Rain Forest.
If You Recognize This One and Want To Make A Comment, Go Ahead, Feel Free To.
The Brazil's Green Forest is Their Home.
Carnival Spider28 viewsCarnival Spider tropical animals. like a rainbow. This one is of course a very beautiful little insect.
Ceratogyrus Bechuanicus Scientific Name29 viewsCeratogyrus Bechuanicus is the scientific name given to this forest animal that people get to see sometimes on plants leaves and trees.
Green Spiders35 viewsGreen Spiders, Probable that face design on her back is to keep birds away. This spider is so unique and wearing a green camouflage green dress, that way she moves in between tree or plants green leaves and survive easy.
Orange Color Spiders32 viewsThe orange color spiders go out to look for foods on spring and summer, running over dry leaves on the ground. They are very cute to watch. Some city and college girls probable don't ant to hold this kind of insects and they really prefer to stay away with fear.
4 Eyes Spider29 viewsMaybe all spiders are a "4 Eyes Spider" and they are just nice to look and learn interesting things, things from them. If some one wants to comment on this one, just register first and take your time typing information for readers online.
Color Tropical Insects33 viewsThese are colorful insects spiders that just can't wait to go hunting. They eat ants and flies, crickets and worms.
Tiger Spiders30 viewsProbable that's not the correct name, the scientific or latin names people used to call them. But in this photo album we go by their looks and this one is looking like a wild tiger in the wild forest
Red Mouth Spider33 viewsthe red means I'm mean and poison, I can finish with you really soon. These spiders are survivors in deep woods and outside cities if they need to to move from home. You just have to discover their red and stay away from them. Love to share news and comments about spiders?
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